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SKOKIE (847) 679-0555 | CHICAGO (773) 774-1272

Here's What Our Patients Have To Say

“I walked into your office with a mouth of pain and infection. I was advised that I could have died from the infection ... with medication and oral surgery I was started on the road to rebuilding my mouth. I am happy to say I’m alive because of the attention Dr. Paul Chaiken gave to me. I have a new mouth and am now able to eat everything. Thanks, Dr. Chaiken!”


“I have EXTREME dentophobia; I should say I used to have it. Paul’s exceptional and considerate care has allowed me to relax and enjoy my visits to the dentist. He replaced a poorly designed bridge and my entire experience was easy, painless, and brilliant ... he employs a very thoughtful, very considerate staff ... more importantly, they are always in a good mood. As far as I am concerned, Paul’s my dentist for life.”


"I love Dr. Chaiken and his staff. Dr. Chaiken is a very kind man and a highly qualified dentist. He is very personable. He will always ask about my husband and what is happening in my life, he remembers what you tell him and asks about it later. He makes you feel that he not only truly cares about your dental health, but about you as a person. i just recently recommended him to someone and will continue to do so."


"I got my dentures last September (2017). I loved the way they looked but they weren’t always as comfortable as they should. Dr. Chaiken did some laser work around the bases of my implants, which helped make my dentures totally comfortable. Now, they usually feel like my real teeth. I can finally eat and drink without my dentures get loose and slip out. One of the best things I like about Dr. Chaiken is that he wants perfection in everything, and works until he gets it."


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